"We're able to enjoy our free time and get the work balance we have always wanted"

Can you tell us how you got started in wedding photography?
Chris and I met at university and bonded over our love of photography. After spending days going out with our film cameras Chris really wanted to think of a way to make this our career. He decided that, wedding photography, being something people will always need was a good option! After doing one or two on his own he asked me to join him, as I had only photographed abstract scenes I was reluctant at first, however, after our first wedding together we literally didn't look back!


What was the first camera you ever purchased?
Chris's was a Canon 350D and Verity's first camera was a Nikon FM2, but her first digital camera was a 550D when we started out in weddings, we actually bought one each along with a couple of reasonably priced lenses which got us through more than 100 weddings!


What's the latest piece of equipment you bought?
The Canon 24-70mm 2.8 MkII. Chris has always shot using primes but when his 28mm got damaged the 24-70 seemed like a nice alternative. It's so much more versatile too!


On average how many pictures do you take per wedding?

How do you find inspiration?
We try not to look at other wedding images, most of our inspiration comes from Film and TV!


What would be your dream assignment and where would it be?
Verity would like to photograph an endangered species and do some kind of sea related wildlife project. Chris' dream project would probably be shooting production stills for films.


How do you spend your day away from the camera?
We started running together this year, but we always love taking the dog out for a walk with our film cameras or spending time with our MANY pets!

How much time did you spend editing each week before The Image Salon?
At least 4 days a week! More than a 9-5 job!


Why did you decide to outsource? Why did you choose The Image Salon?
See above! We worked out the hours we were spending editing, and compared that to the cost of outsourcing. The effective wage we were taking from our editing was crazy low, that alone sold it for us! As for why Image Salon, we looked around and realised how reasonable the prices were and we already knew Davina and Daniel's reputation when it comes to editing, it was really a no brainer!


Now that you outsource, how has your business benefited from the extra time you have?
I think our entire business benefits from the extra time, not because we're ploughing those hours back into the business. Quite the opposite, we're able to enjoy our free time and get the work balance we have always wanted. As such our clients interact with much happier, more relaxed photographers. We have more time for customer service and we're less stressed as we finally have time for all of our weekly jobs. It's a win all round!