Our team of Retouchers is able to handle everything from general toning in Lightroom to more extensive Photoshop work, including merging files into an HDR or Composite image, removing complex objects, minimizing colour casts, and much more.

Since there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to retouching, we have created a fully custom process. Each job is quoted individually, to fully cater to your needs, even if those change from one session to the next. If you have a large volume of work, we invite to write us, so we can create a dedicated workflow for your account.

Standard turnaround is set at 24hrs (BETA until July 15th 2019)




Fill out a worksheet from your Client Dashboard.
You will be able to provide instructions on the kind of retouching you’d like done to your images.



Once you approve the quote, we will have the retouching completed within 24hrs
(BETA until July 15th 2019)



For REAL ESTATE orders, we will need RAW files since we will be exporting high resolution images to complete additional retouching.



We will return retouched JPG or PSD files, depending on the selection you make when placing the order.



Once we’ve reviewed your instructions and images, we will prepare a quote, which will outline the total price and the work we will be completing.



Review the final edits, and give us your feedback!



Q: How much is it?
Each job is quoted individually, based on the instructions provided.
Standard turnaround is 24hrs (BETA until July 15th 2019)


Q: What kind of adjustments will be made to the images?
We work in both Lightroom and Photoshop, so we can do any kind of retouching you would typically do there. The most common retouching is: overall colour toning, lens correction and straightening, removing colour casts, merging multiple images into an HDR or composite.


Q: Can I request colour correction as well?
Yes, you will be able to request colour correction as well, which is priced at a flat fee of $0.50 per image.


Q: What format should I send my images in?
We accept RAW,DNG, or JPG files.

Q: Can I do a test?
For RETOUCHING orders, we suggest simply placing a small order of 1-5 images, to get a better sense of what the editing will look like on your images as well as the pricing process.


Q: Will I be able to make changes to the edits?
Final edits are delivered as high resolution JPGs or layered PSD files, which you’ll be able to tweak if needed.


Q: What if I am not happy with the edits?
We invite you to browse through these samples, to make sure this is the look you are looking for. If you enjoy these samples, chances are that you will be happy with the final results we provide on your images. As always though, we will do our very best to ensure you are a happy client!

Q: I run a volume studio - how do we keep up with everything?
We have 130+ editors working at our studio in Montreal, and with RETOUCHING orders being distributed across the entire team, there are no issues keeping up with large volumes. Feel free to write us to discuss are more custom workflow!