"I have time now to have a life. In turn, it's made me a better photographer."

Can you tell us how you got started in photography?
I actually fell into it. In 2008 I was working in a cubicle as a telemarketer. I had been doing this kind of work for a few years and it was starting to feel like everyday I showed up, a small piece of me was dying. When I was younger I was always doing something artistic. I realized I had lost that kind of magic and creativity I had as a kid. I started my blog www.americanvirus.com as a way to force myself to do something new and creative every day. I had been in a band once and I liked to draw so I figured it would probably be a lot of music and art posts. I bought my first camera that year to be able to track whatever work I was doing and post about it. Then, the camera just took over. It became the main tool for my expression.


What was the first camera you ever purchased?
The Canon 5D Mark II


What's the latest piece of equipment you bought?
The Canon 5D Mark IV


On average how many pictures do you take per wedding?
I don't even want to say. Too many.

How do you find inspiration?
It's everywhere!! I love looking at paintings, reading about art history, listening to music and podcasts, watching movies and television. All of it!


What would be your dream assignment and where would it be?
That's tough. I feel like I've already had so many dream assignments. I've been very lucky. I like to travel and I like to photograph people, environments, and emotion... so I'm in the right business.


How do you spend your day away from the camera?
I shoot with my wife Mary, and when we're not shooting I like the downtime that we get to spend together. I like to read and I'm a bit of a television junky. It's as boring as all that.

How much time did you spend editing each week before The Image Salon?
I can't even quantify it. It was my whole life. I'd start in the morning and it would suddenly be nighttime and I would still be at my desk. I could go 10 hours a day straight in a day. It was gross and unhealthy.


Why did you decide to outsource? Why did you choose The Image Salon?
My life had disappeared into constant editing and my work habits were affecting my health. There was no work/life balance at all. A number of photographers suggested Image Salon so I gave it a try. It's a part of my workflow now for every wedding.


Now that you outsource, how has your business benefited from the extra time you have?
It's been great! I have time now to have a life. In turn, it's made me a better photographer. It's kept me inspired with the work I have instead of burning out on constant editing. It's been a lifesaver.