We are The Image Salon, a post-production service for the busy, yet discerning wedding, portrait, or commercial photographer. We are a team of working photographers, brought together by international award-winning photographers Davina and Daniel Kudish

We work out of our studio in downtown Montreal, Canada to the sound of 90's pop music... or country classics... or whatever the soundtrack of the day happens to be (we like to mix it up).  We share weekly yoga classes and occasional (or frequent) happy hours. We are a family and we love what we do!

Our mission is to provide photographers with a custom tailored editing experience, so their final images are true to their personal style and aesthetic. Without the time-consuming task of editing their photos, photographers can get some of their time back - time which they can use to shoot more, build their business, spend time with their family, or heck, maybe pick up a new hobby!



photo courtesy of Chrisman Studios, edited as BEST


photo courtesy of Chrisman Studios, edited as BEST

There are few photographers (or people, for that matter) on this planet who share our same obsessive attention to detail and image quality. These guys get it. Their ability to interpret our vision and nail “our look” has been a life saver! But their customer service has been even more impressive. Every concern and question (and as two of the “highest maintenance” photographers out there, believe us there have been many) has always been answered and addressed promptly and assuredly. Simply put, finding and trusting in The Image Salon has been one of the greatest decisions we’ve made for our business, and more importantly, our lives!


For me the time I have been given by using Image Salon is invaluable. I now have less professional stress when it comes to meeting client deadlines, which as we all know greatly impacts our personal lives. I cannot thank the image salon enough for everything they do for me. If you want more time in your life for life give them a try.


It just makes perfect sense that The Image Salon would be in charge of our post production for our very discerning clients.


I have to admit, trying a new salon was a little scary at first. But after only a few edits I could see these guys were clearly a cut above the rest! They’ll comb through your images and make them razor sharp, not to mention they are experts with color! If you are thinking about trying them out, don’t shave it for later, send your images in for a day at the spa. The Image Salon is shear to please!


I was very skeptical about outsourcing any of my work. I always want my images to fully reflect my own voice. With a stack of unedited weddings piling up around the holidays, I sent one wedding to the Image Salon as an experiment. I had them do a Basic edit. That way i could come in and do all the finishing touches, making sure the work is my own. I found this ended up cutting my post production time in half! I ended up sending all my remaining weddings to them, got to spend more time with my family, and not in one bit sacrificed the quality of work or personal touch my clients expect. It took a couple of weddings to get dialed in with my editor, but with a couple emails of detailed notes, she started nailing it. In return, It’s given me my life back. 

Time is the most valuable asset for any business and that is essentially what you are purchasing when becoming a client of The Image Salon. Before Katrina and I found this incredible post processing service, we found ourselves buried behind our computer for days painstakingly editing images. Today, we are no longer a prisoner to our own business. The free time we obtained has allowed us to shoot more and expand our business, vastly increasing our profits. The meager price that we pay The Image Salon has paid off in more ways than we can ever imagine and is now an integral part of our operations.


I have a very high standard for the product that I deliver to my clients. I shoot 25 weddings per year along with boudoir, family and corporate work, and without outsourcing some of that work I wouldn’t be able to maintain that quality and also provide a reasonable turnaround time. The Image Salon takes my post-production to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. Each image is cared for impeccably, from subtle cropping to bang-on colour correction. I’ve used a few other processing services and I am beyond thrilled to incorporate The Image Salon into my processing workflow!

By outsourcing to The Image Salon this year, I was able to... make a big cliche: spend more time with the people I love. I mean it though. I spent a total of 95 days in 2015 visiting over a dozen countries, traveling with the people closest to me: my mother, boyfriend, and close friends. It's tough being a wedding photographer for a lot of reasons. One of the biggest ones is that I give up my Saturdays, which is prime time for BBQs, weekend trips with my friends and even just the casual laidback hangouts. The Image Salon has allowed me to spend meaningful time with these people and create unique experiences with them, locally as well as on our travels. The best thing is that I'm not bogged down by that little nagging feeling in the back of my mind that makes me feel guilty about not editing. My clients, are way happier about it too!

Also by outsourcing to the Image Salon, my team (Promessa Studios) and I have been able to give back in more significant ways. I've reached out to several non-profits that I care about and have told them that I have bandwidth to help. One of our favorite non-profits that we've donated our time to is "MARE: Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange". We've photographed portraits and created "video snapshots" of children and teens that are currently in foster care. Some of the children we helped included sibling groups and older children who are traditionally harder to place. The organization has seen a direct correlation between our contribution and the ability to place these foster children in permanent homes. 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for working on that wedding with me. You did an incredible job, I’m really impressed and thankful how you understood how to process it and how to bring the most colors out for each photo, etc.
I really don’t have much to say other than thank you!