3 in-house Looks, one low price

Our Express service is available to anyone who is looking for a  simple approach to their photos. These orders are worked on by the first available editor (as opposed to your own assigned editor), and always edited using one of our 3 in-house approaches.
As a result, turnaround is a little bit faster, at 3-5 business days, and the pricing has also been adjusted to reflect this simpler approach.

We invite you to look at the side-by-side edits below, read through our FAQ, and browse through fully edited galleries HERE



Neutral/Warm skin tone
Classic B&W (when requested)
True to life colours
Neutral exposure for main subject
Standard sharpening & noise reduction



Warm, creamy skin tone
Faded B&W (when requested)
Cool & desaturated greens
Slightly bright exposure for main subject
Standard sharpening & noise reduction
Added grain
Comparable to Fuji 400H



Warm skin tone
Faded B&W (when requested)
Slightly desaturated colours
Slight dark exposure for main subject
Standard sharpening & noise reduction
Added grain
Comparable to Kodak Portra


Q: How much is the EXPRESS editing?
Please visit our PRICING page for more details.


Q: What kind of adjustments will be made to the images?
As needed, we will make adjustments to all of the basic sliders (white balance, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, black, clarity, vibrance, saturation). Other settings, such as HSL, lens correction, upright, noise reduction, and sharpening, have set values and are left the same throughout an entire set. 


Q: Can I request specific settings?
Unfortunately, with Express service, there is no customization possible. We invite you to use our BASIC/BASIC+ service so we can cater to your own approach & style.


Q: What format should I send my images in?
At the moment, we only accept Lightroom Catalog (6 or Classic) for Express orders.


Q: Will I be able to make changes to the edits?
Absolutely! We even provide tutorials on how to quickly sync certain settings (such as noise reduction, sharpening, etc...) or even how to make relative adjustments on an entire set of images. 


Q: What if I am not happy with the edits?
We invite you to browse through the samples above, to make sure this is the look you are looking for. If you enjoy these samples, chances are that you will be happy with the final results we provide on your images.