"It has freed up more time for me to focus on marketing and my personal projects that I'm trying to develop to get me closer to that dream assignment."

How did photography find you? 

I first became interested in photography when I was a kid and picked it up more seriously in college when I was studying film production.
I took a couple of photography classes, starting getting into cinematography, and just fell in love with it. The first wedding I shot was for a friend of a friend who needed photos at an intimate wedding.


What was the first camera you ever purchased?
The first camera I ever got was a little Kodak 110 film camera in the 80s. I loooovvveed it. Later I used my parent's Nikkormat and then I got a Canon film camera in college. Just before my grandfather passed away he gave me his film cameras (including his Leica that he got in the 1930s). And when the world went digital my first experience with the medium was a little Canon Elph point and shoot followed by a digital Canon Rebel.


What's the latest piece of equipment you bought?
A beautiful camera stap from Nena & Co.


On average how many pictures do you take per wedding?
Ooo, tough question. It really varies for me. I have a style that is somewhere between photojournalism + editorial so I like to get a lot of candid moments. I tend to notice this means I'm shooting a lot of images to get just that right 'moment'.


How do you find inspiration?
I'm an inspiration sponge. Instagram and Pinterest are two places I'm looking at daily to see other photographers in action. I'm also a big proponent of print so I get inspired by magazines full of articles and images that are telling stories about topics I love like food and travel.


What would be your dream assignment and where would it be?
Dream assignment would be for Bon Appetit or Conde Nast Traveler somewhere in Europe (or pretty much anywhere - I LOVE to travel) photographing a gathering of people coming together in a beautiful space preparing food, enjoying a meal and sharing in one another's company. If I were really lucky this assignment would also include photographing the farm, fisherman, and winery where everything came from and the hotel I stayed at. Not that I've thought about this or anything. Ha!

How do you spend your day away from the camera?
I am rarely without my camera (especially considering our phone technology these days) but photography is my side hustle so there's not a lot of down time between my day job and my photography. I try to get out to restaurants and bars with beautiful spaces and amazing food as often as possible and I love going to hear live music.


How much time did you spend editing each week before The Image Salon?
This is a tough one for me as well. Since photography is my side-hustle, it fluctuates a lot. But I would say for a large wedding I could be editing in my free time for a week or two.


Why did you decide to outsource? Why did you choose The Image Salon?
I chose to outsource because photography isn't my full time job and as my business was growing I started to notice that it wasn't scalable for me to edit each shoot given the amount of time in a day. The tipping point for me was last summer I had two large weddings back to back both with 2nd shooters and I felt like I spent a whole month of my summer chained to my computer trying to get those images delivered. If I wanted to have any life at all (which - let's be real - we should all want that!) I knew I had to change something up. I chose The Image Salon after some experience with other vendors. I was looking for a partnership and didn't want to feel like I was part of a machine. With The Image Salon I have been incredibly impressed by the communication and authenticity with everyone I've worked with. I feel like there's care put into my projects and I really feel heard when I try and fine tune. It has been a great experience so far.


Now that you outsource, how has your business benefited from the extra time you have?
It has freed up more time for me to focus on marketing and my personal projects that I'm trying to develop to get me closer to that dream assignment.