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We are The Image Salon, a post-production service for the busy, yet discerning wedding, portrait, or commercial photographer. We are a team of working photographers, brought together by international award-winning photographers Davina and Daniel Kudish

We work out of our studio in downtown Montreal, Canada to the sound of 90's pop music... or country classics... or whatever the soundtrack of the day happens to be (we like to mix it up).  We share weekly yoga classes and occasional (or frequent) happy hours. We are a family and we love what we do!

Our mission is to provide photographers with a custom tailored editing experience, so their final images are true to their personal style and aesthetic. Without the time-consuming task of editing their photos, photographers can get some of their time back - time which they can use to shoot more, build their business, spend time with their family, or heck, maybe pick up a new hobby!