"Our editor really gets our style and aesthetic, and we are consistently thrilled with the results"

How did photography find you? 

Ben: I have wanted to be a photographer from as far back as I can remember. I joined my high-school yearbook staff as the photographer and have been a working photographer ever since.

Erin: I hung out with photographers during my previous career as a newspaper reporter. I fell in love with photography by getting to witness firsthand the magic that photographers can capture by knowing how to work with light and composition, and knowing when to click the shutter. I have been learning photography on the job ever since.


How and why do you use The Image Salon? *

We use The Image Salon because our editor really gets our style and aesthetic, and we are consistently thrilled with the results. We use The Image Salon so we can have time to work on the infrastructure and operations of our wedding and portrait businesses, so we can have a shot of being ahead of the game instead of constantly working to keep up with it.


How do you stay inspired? *

We are inspired by the uniqueness of each person who entrusts us to photograph them. We are inspired by their story, their love, their quirks, and their family relationships, and we let those elements guide our photography.

Describe your photography style in 3 words:

Intimate, bold, modern


Where do your weddings typically take place?

All over the place! As close as our hometown of Charleston, South Carolina; as far away as Mongolia and Bhutan.


What has photography taught you?

Photography has taught us never to have expectations - to show up with an open mind and let life surprise us.



Who are your favourite photographers?

Ben: James Nachtwey, Jonas Bendiksen, Brett Butterstein
Erin: Alex Webb, Martin Parr


What is one thing you wish you knew when you were starting out?

We would both agree we wish we had known more about the actual business of photography when we started out.


Do you have any routines or rituals before starting a big day on the job?

We sleep in as long as utterly possible, order a big breakfast from room service, and are super quiet. Before separating, we give each other a kiss and say "good luck today."


What is the best piece of advice you've ever received?

Ben: "Don't be lazy." (from Ben's grandmother)
Erin: "Always go for it even if you think you're going to miss it." (from Erin's legendary high-school soccer coach Herman Halter)