Studio Name: Ten 2 Ten Photography


 Who's your editor? Anne-Marie and Kayla

Before outsourcing to The Image Salon, how much time would you estimate you were spending editing each week?

Every wedding takes about 20-25 hours worth of editing.... at least 15-20 hours every week were devoted to some type of editing. Soooooo much editing. All the time.

Why did you decide to outsource? Why did you choose The Image Salon?

After years in the industry, we were lucky enough to receive an increasing amount of inquiries each and every year. Regardless of the amount of inquiries coming in, we had to limit ourselves to about 30-35 weddings per year. If we were to shoot more, there simply wouldn't be enough time to edit all the images.

We love telling stories; that's why we photograph weddings. Being there in the moment, capturing the emotions and every fleeting moment of the day is our absolutely favourite part of the day. Editing is great, too, but definitely secondary to the actual shooting. I love re-living the wedding during editing but the amount of time editing takes means I have to shoot less.

At the same time as my inquiries were consistently increasing, I also decided that it was the right time to bring on a few associate photographers. The question was, however, how would we keep consistency and (most importantly) quality in our post-processing once we become a multi-photographer team?

Outsourcing, that's how.


I decided to outsource for two reasons; one - to allow me to shoot more and two - to allow for consistency and high quality post-processing regardless of which of our awesome photographers shot the wedding.

I started doing research into various photo outsourcing companies and it was overhwelmingly obvious that The Image Salon was the right choice. I chose them not only because of their super amazing customer service but because you're assigned an editor. Elias, my editor, has become an integral part of the Ten·2·Ten Photography team. It took only a few weddings for Elias to master our unique style and the amount of time saved on our end is extraordinary. The Image Salon is not only filled with incredibly talented and motivated individuals but their willingness to create open communication and achieve customer satisfaction is what sets them apart from any other photography outsourcing company.

As an aside to the above, I'm also thrilled that they are based in Canada!


Now that you outsource, how has your business benefited from the extra time you have? 

The Image Salon has allowed me to create a consistent and high quality product for my clients, regardless of which of the photographers in the company shoots the wedding. Our style is highly recognizable and unique. 

We've saved so much time with The Image Salon that we've been able to focus more on social media, networking and running workshops for photographers (things that were on the back-burner at the best of times before The Image Salon came into our lives).

As a company, we are much more well-rounded and have a balance in our tasks now.

And on a personal level?

While my original intent was to outsource in order to be able to shoot more weddings as well as create consistency in the post-processing between all of the photographers at Ten·2·Ten Photography, I was surprised that there is a third reason to outsource: to get my life back!

My husband and I had been putting off having a family for quite some time. Being a wedding photographer means at least half your week is devoted to endless editing and we were both afraid that the business would suffer if I took time off to start a family.

Now that I'm with The Image Salon; however, I'm happy to say that I've gotten my life back and my workload is more than manageable. We'll be welcoming our first child this summer and thanks to The Image Salon, I'll have the time to spend with my new family (and not be stuck in front of my computer editing all the time).

I can't even begin to thank The Image Salon for allowing me to get my life back!

Thanks, Erika! All images by Ten 2 Ten Photography and edited by The Image Salon.