Studio Name: Logan Westom Photographer


Editor: Elise


Time spent editing each week before The Image Salon: 30-36 hours editing each week during the wedding season.

Why did you decide to outsource? Why did you choose The Image Salon?

I have always be curious about outsourcing my work since I started but I had heard bad things about inconsistency and people having to spend a lot of time editing their photos after they got back. I finally decided to outsource my work when I heard about The Image Salon from Tyler Wirkin on Creative Live. I checked it out and as soon as I checked out the website I knew that they would be exactly what I was looking for in an image editing outsourcing company. It was a no brainier from there.


Now that you outsource, how have you benefited from the extra time you have?

I actually have free time the evening to cook a proper meal, go to the gym, hangout and relax, attend more concerts, and just have less to think about each day.


Anything else you'd like to share regarding your outsourcing story?

Outsourcing has my editing has made me more passionate about my photography and given me more confidence in my work. Since I only see the photos when I cull them, when they come back to me editing and I look through them I'm always surprised at the great photos I took. I feel more proud of my work now. The Image Salon does a much better job at editing my photos than I was able too. And combined with that it's always exciting to see the photos I get to soon deliver.


Thanks, Logan! 

All images in this post by Logan Westom and edited by The Image Salon