Studio Name: Jamie Ivins Photography


Editor: Gen

Time spent editing each week before The Image Salon: I was probably spending 40+ hours editing each week during the busy season.


Why did you decide to outsource? Why did you choose The Image Salon?

I had to get my life back. The busiest part of wedding season in New England is over the summer while my kids are out of school. For the past couple of years I've barely been able to spend any time with them over summer vacation. It was like a bad dream where you can hear everyone around you having fun but no matter what you do you're unable to get to them. I knew those times were precious and if I didn't do something I was going to find myself burnt out and ready to pack it all in just so I could spend more time with the people who are most important to me. 

After running some tests with a few different outsourcing options I settled on The Image Salon because of the different levels of attention and the strong testimonials I'd received from industry peers. All of the other options would get close but failed to spend the time dodging and burning that I would, leaving me with hours of work after receiving my edits back. The Image Salon sends me a complete body of work back that I barely have to touch. Doesn't get any better than that!

Now that you outsource, how has your business benefited from the extra time you have? 

I've been able to take back time with my family. They are the most important people in my life and to not neglect them the way I was before is an incredible feeling. We spent the summer traveling around visiting aquariums, camping, going to the beach, and playing in our backyard. The personal benefits have been overwhelming and the benefits to my business have been just as great. I've spent much more time networking and finding more work; creating new revenue streams for my business. So many opportunities I would have passed on a year ago due to lack of time finally became an option for me and have helped me expand my horizons.


Anything else you'd like to share regarding your outsourcing story?

Getting things perfect wasn't the easiest road. It required a lot of feedback and open communication with my editor. At times I was wondering if this was really going to work for me but Gen, Daniel, and the rest of TIS team helped to diffuse my concerns and worked extremely hard to get my edits exactly how I want them. As an artist it's very hard to give up creative control to someone else, especially a person you've never met. But after letting go of the reigns a bit I've found that my body of work is much stronger and more consistent than it has ever been. Now I find myself wondering how I survived without The Image Salon this whole time...


Thanks, Jamie! All images in this post are by Jamie Ivins and edited by The Image Salon