"I can stop and breathE."

Can you tell us how you got started in photography?
I used to play music. It wasn’t until after the band I was in got dropped by our label that I went back to college and took a photo class. That was 15 years ago and I’ve been shooting weddings and running a business for the past 12 years.


What was the first camera you ever purchased?
It was a Pentax k1000 - I wish I still had it.


What's the latest piece of equipment you bought?
16mm f1.4 for the Fuji system. I love getting in close and this one forces that.

On average how many pictures do you take per wedding?
It really depends. I’ve come home with as few as 2,000 for an elopement and as much as 30,000 for big multiple day events.


How do you find inspiration?
It’s hard and it’s especially hard during the busy season. For me it’s not so much needing to find the inspiration as it is needing to find time for myself. It’s important to checkout and take care of yourself. I love listening to vinyl and going on long road bike rides. It’s hard to be creative on demand all of the time. But when I’m rested and I’ve been taking good care of myself it tends to come easier.


What would be your dream assignment and where would it be?
I think a lot of the weddings I get are dream assignments. Look, I’ve been doing this long enough to where I’d have moved on by now if I didn’t love it.

How do you spend your day away from the camera?
With my wife and kids. With work and family my life is pretty jam packed.


How much time did you spend editing each week before The Image Salon?
A lot! We travel for every job. So it became a habit of processing in transit. In uncomfortable places, on planes or in airports. Sometimes in the car. I just wasn’t working anymore.


Why did you decide to outsource? Why did you choose The Image Salon?
It was a time management thing. This year especially we were never home or in the office. I chose the Image Salon because I knew it was run by real working photographers.


Now that you outsource, how has your business benefited from the extra time you have?
I can stop and breathe. I’m not outsourcing everything, but it’s given me some breathing room and that feels good.